29 June 2017

Masculinities in the Euro-Mediterranean area

Masculinities in the Euro-Mediterranean area is the topic of the next research seminar of RUSEMENG.Male chauvinism does not only provide stereotyped roles for women. Men are also the object of a gender-based categorization, which indicates what...

Shared practices

Internet site with information of sexual violence

The Federation of Family Planning Centers of Belgium launches a site dedicated to information of sexual violence of any kind. As stated in this site, the sexual violence does not only concern rape, but a broad panel: rape, sexual harassment, verbal...

9-19th May 2017: Women of the Future in the Mediterranean

A series of classes and workshops to train young women in their professional and personal development will take place in France, in a program created by the research university Sciences Po and coordinated by PRESAGE. This initiative is funded and empowered by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development (MAEDI).